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About Salad Grills

Salad Grills is the Pune’s first and exclusive venture dedicated to serving array of tossed authentic salads. With its commitment to a mission of presenting to its customers delicious and wholesome Salads, Salad Grills has a long term vision of popularizing and establishing the “Salad Culture” across India. In country as large and diverse as us, where numerous delectable indigenous and international gastronomies have found in-roads, salads never gained real appeal amongst food connoisseurs. For anyone who has travelled across the globe, it is easy to realize popularity of Salads in Western Countries, Middle East as well as rest of the Asian countries. Although this is paradoxical, lack of tossed Salad popularity in India springs mainly from dearth of the restaurants serving authentic tossed salads. Also, there are quite a few misconceptions concerning salads, extending from – few slices of cucumbers and tomatoes are Salads to Salads are only for those who diet. Amidst all this, popularizing tossed Salads is no less than an up-hill task. Nevertheless, Salad Grills is poised and all set to achieve this by brining to its customers real tossed salads, in their full glory and authenticity.

As lettuces and vegetables lay the foundations of our Salads, we have diligently partnered with local farmers and prominent purveyors. Thus, for example, all lettuces, exotic vegetables and herbs like romaine, iceberg, broccoli, celery, Italian Basil, Parsley, etc. are collected by us within 24 hours of harvest. This helps us ensure best possible standards of our tossed salads on all fronts – taste, texture, nutrition as well as aesthetics. For preparing grilled chicken, we strictly use boneless skinless chicken breasts, generally considered as a healthier meat option and are procured from one of the finest poultry in Pune.

Olive oil that we use in salad dressings is exclusively extra virgin and is produced by a certified Italian Manufacturer. We use variety of cheeses like Parmesan, Goat, Edam, Cheddar, etc. all of which are carefully selected to give a rich and authentic taste. Thus, Parmesan cheese which goes in our Caesar Salad is authentic “Parmigiano Reggiano Stravecchio” aged for about two – three years. Cheeses used in Vegetarian Salads are 100% vegetarian that are free from animal rennet. On the same lines, rest of the toppings, sauces or spices have to first clear the “Taste Test” of authenticity prior to finding entry in our culinary den.

Right from salad dressings to freshly grilled chicken, all our food is prepared on daily basis right from scratch.

To suffice differing requirements of our customers we have attempted to introduce four different categories of salads: Vegetarian, Poultry, Sprouts and Fruits. In order to make these salads a wholesome and satisfying meal, we have a nutritionally rich content in our Vegetarian and Poultry Salads, called as Mains. These salad mains are either rich in carbohydrates (Pastas or Bulgar Wheat) or proteins (Tofu, Paneer, Cheese, Grilled Chicken or Boiled Eggs). Thus, the idea is to make our salads not only delicious but also a complete “solo meal”. Salads are no more “Side”..!

Salad dressings that we serve are all homemade and with diligent use of high-quality gourmet spices, herbs, oils, vinegars and sauces, they are perfectly balanced to accompany our “Salad Treats”. To stimulate taste buds of our customers, we have adopted and included dressings reflecting taste of international cuisine- European, American, Middle Eastern, Asian.

We have also taken efforts to keep our smoothies authentic and at highest standards by blending them from fresh and fine quality fruits and greens. They contain minimum amount of water which makes them rich, thick and high on fruit and vegetable nutrition. These real smoothies can verily be considered as delicious “power-packed” fluid meals.

All our salads and smoothies are neatly packed in high quality food grade plastic containers. Salad dressings, like vinaigrettes, which can be very fluid, come well packed in tight sealing spill-proof containers. The packaging and presentation of our products goes well with overall theme of these delicious and healthy treats so as to present unique tantalizing gastronomic experience.

Brining you real tossed salads, in their full glory and authenticity

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